Saturday, November 5th 13:00, Drottninggatan 6c

This day is dedicated to Jean Laplanche. As our guides we have Katrine Zeuthen and Maria Yassa.

Katrine Zeuthen is associate professor in clinical child psychology at Institut for Psykologi, University of Copenhagen. She holds a PhD, is an authorized clinical psychologist, and a psychoanalyst in the Danish Psychoanalytic Society. Her research focuses on developing, analysing and evaluating interventions directed towards child sexual abuse and trauma.

Maria Yassa is a licensed clinical Psychologist, licensed Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst with a practice in Stockholm. She is also active as a teacher at the Swedish Psychoanalytic Association and has published several papers on Laplanche and other topics

The day will consist in a mixture of lectures, presentations of case material and time for questions and discussions. Participants for the full day are asked to read a text in advance which can be found here.

Tickets for the full day (12.30-21.00) can be purchased here

Tickets only for the evening lecture (19.00-21.00, 90 kr) can be purchased at the venue.

13.00 – Introducing the day
13.15 – Katrine Zeuten introduces Laplanche and his text ”Starting from the fundamental anthropological situation”
14.15 – Discussion about the theory and text
15.15 – Maria Yassa introduces some clinical case material
16.15 – Discussing case material in the light of theory
19.00 – Evening lecture by Maria Yassa

Sex, lies and police interrogations – Metapsychological distinctions in the field of sexuality after #MeToo

Starting with the #MeToo movement Maria Yassa makes three metapsychological distinctions in the field of sexuality; that between infantile and mature sexuality, between phallic and masculine sexuality and finally between aggression and infantile sexuality in current discussions of sexual crime. Sexuality is shown to be as foreign and scandalous in contemporary discourse as in Freud’s 1905 Three Essays.

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