Drottninggatan 6, 23 juni kl 19.00.

… with special attention paid to the contributions of Denmark and GDR. “Books made by artists, artists’ books, tell a story of their own. But what is an artists’ book? It is difficult to draw boundaries although the phenomenon has played important roles in many art movements – from constructivism to situationism and underground. But, as many say, of all the new representational methods that entered the art world artists’ books were the only one with the capacity to include such widely differing forms of expression as text, drawing, poetry, prose, painting, transcriptions, instructions, music, collages and documentation – and these books can even be performative. This transnational genre of art exists outside institutions and galleries. And even if its history is not so obvious, one thing is sure, it is alive and well, thriving particularly in workshops, studios and at our art schools in neighbouring countries like Denmark and Germany, thus influencing the Swedish scene. It is a story about codex, the book, bringing the experiences of the old printing offices into contemporary art life.”

Thomas Millroth pays a visit to Anti on Wednesday the 23rd, to talk about the context and content of his much anticipated – and long in the making – magnum opus on Artists’ Books – essays scanning this important part of artistic expression and post-war history. The book is in part based on and around Millroth’s private collection, and some of the newer publications will be showcased during the evening. The presentation will be held in English IF NEEDED.

(The picture shows a few lines from Mats B.’s “Vet snut hut? Vett snutt hutt!” published by Cavefors, 1973. It says, directly translated: “Nurse tricked patient into believing shower was telephone”)

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